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Twist 25 + Genostim GS-6 + Premium Collagen Plus

By bundling, you receive your Premium Collagen Plus FREE!

Twist 25 

Twist 25 may help with: 

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced belly fat
  • Promoting smoother skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails
  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Enhancing sex drive
  • Feeling lean, fit and trim*

DHEA is the most abundant steroid pro-hormone in the body. It is the precursor or base building block from which the body makes some 50 hormones. It also is a base for sebum, otherwise known as skin oil, and it is the only thing in the body that counterbalances the many negative effects of chronic high levels of cortisol, which increase over the human lifespan as opposed to DHEA which decreases over time. DHEA levels increase from birth through puberty and into adulthood until about age 25. From there DHEA levels gradually decrease at a rate of about 2% per year. So by age 35 most people produce 20% less than they did at age 25, and by age 50 they produce only half as much as they did when they were at their prime, or "at their best". The goal with DHEA supplementation is to maintain DHEA over time. Supplementing DHEA does not cause the body to make less of it's own. If you stop, you go right back to making the level you did before. It is not addictive or habit forming. So there is no need to take breaks, or "holidays" as is needed for prescription hormones like testosterone, which when supplemented cause the body to make less of its own.

DHEA is completely natural. DHEA is the most plentiful building block for hormones in our bodies.

The human body naturally produces DHEA. We make the most DHEA when we are “in our prime” between the ages of 18 to 25. DHEA levels decline each year in men and women after about age 25.

Genostim GS-6

Genostim GS-6® has 100mg of Isotides per tablet. This is a fast acting and effective formula that uses a “cell-by-cell” recovery process. The all natural peptide complex and bio regulators in Genostim GS-6® are quickly and easily assimilated and transported through the bloodstream to their specific receptor sites. This supports hormone balance, lean muscle mass, increased energy and stamina, reduces muscle breakdown during prolonged sports activity, will give you a faster recovery time and provides you with broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal immunomodulatory activity via the inclusion of Cationic Host Defense Peptides (CHDP’s).

 Possible benefits include:
– Increased muscle strength and size
– Joint pain relief
– Loss in body fat
– Increased bone density
– Increased skin thickness and texture
– Faster Hair growth; possible color change
– Increased energy levels and endurance
– Increased hormonal and testosterone support
– Improved sleep
– Improved memory and mental alertness
– Increased Controlled cholesterol
– Controlled mood swings/emotional stability
– Defense against disease by boosting your Viral Shield 

Serving Size – 1 Tablet twice daily
Servings Per Container – 60

Premium Collagen Plus

Collagen is a critical element for maintaining skin's youthful quality and is the most abundant protein found in our body, muscles, tissues, bones, tendons, and even blood vessels. It is also responsible for keeping our skin smooth and firm. Ensuring an ample supply of key "building blocks" for the body's largest single organ - the skin - is the ideal way to encourage continuous rejuvenation, support the skin's healthy barrier function, promote skin hydration, and maintain healthy collagen fibers.*

The best way to care for skin is to nourish it, inside and out. A fully functional beauty regimen isn't complete without a healthy digestive and immune system. With this in mind, Dr. Ohhira's Premium Collagen Plus was created with the highest quality ingredients-many of them well-known to help support collagen production as well as the immune and digestive systems. The resulting combination helps to regenerate healthy skin and restore its youthful vitality.*

Simply adding the contents of each tube to water or fruit juice and drinking it several times a week may naturally have a positive impact on the appearance of your skin and the flexibility of your joints.*



Dr. Ohhira's Premium Collagen Plus is a synergistic supplement formulated to keep skin and joints healthier from the inside out for ultimate dermal and structural revitalization.*

Over 40 years of extensive research, Dr. Ohhira has perfected the extraction of key ingredients to infuse in each product for optimal cellular health. Enjoy a renewed state of youth and radiant skin with the highest quality marine collagen and botanical extracts.*

Marine Collagen - a premium quality type 1 and 3 collagen that may help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase the elasticity, smoothness, and firmness of skin. It may also boost the ongoing ability of cells to renew and repair.*

Cherry Blossom Extract - a restorative botanical extract that offers powerful premium anti-aging benefits. It is known for supporting healthy inflammatory response and skin tone.*

Blueberries - supplies vitamin C and resveratrol. Blueberries help encourage absorption and healthy growth of collagen.*

Collagen Tripeptides - these small collagen particles and essential amino acids may help stimulate new collagen production and help repair worn collagen fibers to prevent wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.* Their molecular size ensure they are more readily absorbed by the body.*

Co-enzyme Q-10 - an antioxidant that offers anti-aging properties such as enhancing skin's resiliency and improving the appearance of wrinkles. It may also assist with collagen synthesis.*

Ceramides - a plant-based lipid that helps prevent the breakdown of collagen while assisting the skin retain water. Studies have shown ceramides may improve the elasticity and appearance of skin.*

Hyaluronic Acid - a powerful anti-aging element that works as an anti-oxidant shield from the elements. This naturally-occurring substance in the skin boosts the body's ability to retain moisture and is especially beneficial for enhancing the skin's appearance while physically rejuvenating its outer layers.*

Probiotic blend using a unique five-year process - This combination of whole vegetables, seaweeds, mushrooms, and fruits are fermented together with 12 probiotic strains to create over 400 different postbiotic nutrients. This exclusive essential blend is the powerful health-promoting element found only in the award-winning Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Formula.