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Health Practitioner Endorsements

Product Endorsements by Healthcare Professionals

"I teach a one-hour seminar titled “The Human Intestinal Microflora”, and for years I have been educating health professionals and the general public about the importance of probiotics. I believe that Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic is the strongest, most comprehensive and most effective probiotic available anywhere.

In addition to containing twelve different strains of beneficial bacteria, Dr. Ohhira's also contains organic acids, amino acids and other nutrients that support the growth and proliferation of the friendly bacteria. Dr. Ohhira's is very effective for a wide range of intestinal problems, and I recommend that my clients take it daily to support their immune system."

Dr. Ross Pelton Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN


"Nutritional supplements are a critical component of the allergy and asthma cure. I use several tiers of supplements with my patients depending on the severity of their issues. I believe that many of these conditions are based on the same underlying problem—an overgrowth of Candida, causing a weakening of the immune system. One of the top-tier supplements I put all my patients on is Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, as it contains TH10, a potent strain of beneficial bacteria and eleven other very hearty strains, along with a prebiotic in a completely vegetarian capsule. The probiotic formula is backed by over twenty years of university-based research and is the most effective probiotic I have ever given my patients."

Dr. Fred Pescatore Fred Pescatore, MD, MPH, CCN and best-selling author of The Allergy & Asthma Cure


"Our practice, Alternative Health Solutions, is dedicated to helping patients restore their optimum health through a combination of improving neurological function (the communication between the brain and the body) and clinical nutrition (the fuel and building blocks needed for all the body’s systems to carry out their proper function). I have been recommending Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics for many years and find that it is a pivotal tool for optimizing the health of almost every patient.

In medicine today, doctors specialize in “parts and pieces”. We go to one doctor to check our heart, another to prescribe medication for our moods, and yet another to squelch symptoms in our stomach. Yet, all the “parts and pieces” are interwoven in a symphony of function. So when there are symptoms in one area, we need to analyze where the true cause is from, and what other systems may be affected.

So many of our body’s functions depend on a healthy digestive system. Science has proven that supplementing with proper amounts and strains of probiotics directly affects not only healthy digestion, but a healthy immune system, thyroid function, brain function, efficient detoxification, and more. Supplementing with Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics may not be a cure-all, but it is certainly a foundational supplement for anyone who is concerned about rebuilding their health, or for those who want to take a proactive approach and protect the health they are blessed to currently enjoy."

Dr. Natalie Engelbart - Doctor of Chiropractic; Fellow, American College of Functional Neurology; Fellow, Vestibular Rehabilitation; Fellow, Childhood Learning Disorders